Advanced Flange Gasket Training

Two of the Directors from William Johnston and Company Limited, Craig Edwards and Billy Hardie made the journey to Flexitallic UK Head Office in Yorkshire recently to take part in their 3-day Advanced Sealing Training event. William Johnston & Company Limited are Flexitallic’s Allied Distributors for their products in Scotland (outside the Aberdeen area).

The detailed training covered;

  • An overview of refineries and looked in more depth at the challenges faced in sealing each process.
  • Codes and calculations pertinent to ASME VIII, EN 1591/EN13555 and PVRC
  • An overview of heat exchangers including sealing issues and emissions
  • An overview and hands on demonstration of the training offered by The Academy of Joint Integrity to include ECITB, Energy Institute certification
  • Ethylene production and associated sealing
  • Fertilizer production, associated sealing issues and their solutions
  • Torque calculation, gasket installation
  • Factory tour of the UK’s only aramid fibre gasket sheeting manufacturing facility
  • Joint Integrity Management System (JIMS) overview

The event was very well attended and with distributors and partners from Australia, South Africa, Israel, France, India, Japan, Egypt and  beyond which  demonstrates the harmony and cooperation that exists within our industry.

If you have sealing issues within any of these areas or indeed with any pipe flange sealing, please contact either of our Directors detailed below who will be happy to assist.

Billy Hardie covering Inverness, Highlands and Islands.

Craig Edwards covering the rest of the UK and Ireland.

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