Link-Seal Calculator Live!

Due to the increased level of sales for our Original Link-Seal and to give our customers any easy way to calculate their own element size and number we have added our highly accurate calculator to our main website.

Link-Seals are used to make a positive 5 Bar seal where a pipe passes through a wall, core drilling, floor, or ceiling. So long as the pipe is centred then Link-Seals work.

Which type to use?

The chart below will guide you through. Black EPDM is the type to use if you have steel, stainless steel, ductile iron etc. This is a Type C. Its harder rubber than the blue Type BC which is for all plastic pipe. PE, PVC, and ABS. Should you be sealing against potable water then chose Type W. Its WRAS approved and built to last.

Life Span

The Original Link-Seal will have at least 50 years service life provided that

  • Usage of products is under normal application and environmental conditions, which the products have been designed and manufactured for.
  • Client is following vendor’s installation and storage instructions.
  • Vendor does know all circumstances of the product application
  • Life expectancy and product integrity are subject to chemical and environmental exposures and should be taken into consideration when formulating frequency of any inspection.
  • Attention: multiple installation and/or disassembly drastically shorten the Lifetime of the product and are technically not recommended.

Not Centred

Not the first time we have encountered this issue and so as you would imagine we have multiple solutions. Feel free to email or pick up the phone to talk to one of our resident experts.

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