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Need to seal and protect against corrosion?

Corrosion at the flange gasket interface is a well-documented phenomenon in upstream hydrocarbon recovery and processing.

Flexitallic Corriculite is a specially formulated spiral wound gasket filler material designed to address the issues associated with the use of graphite and mica filled spiral wound gaskets. Graphite is an effective electrical conductor and as such has the ability, via galvanic action to actively promote corrosion. The use of mica while offering resistance to corrosion raises concerns about joint tightness.

The spiral wound gasket is a proven design, providing reliable sealing performance and high levels of gasket resilience. When used in combination with Corriculite filler it can offer a high integrity, cost effective solution to the problem of galvanic induced flange face corrosion. Corriculite filled gaskets are available to suit both standard pipeline and specially designed vessel flanges. Gasket configuration and metal section are based on application details.

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Company and Products Overview.

William Johnston & Company Limited has been manufacturing high quality gaskets for a range of industries for nearly 70 years. This unrivalled experience means that we are now one of the leaders in the U.K. market and our products are used in utilities, construction and engineering projects throughout the world. Headquartered in Glasgow, with a branch in Inverness and having many global customers, 60-70 % of the products we supply are delivered out with Scotland.

Although William Johnston & Company Limited has its roots in the UK’s traditional heavy industries and are main suppliers for shipbuilding and ship repair/refit projects in the private and defence sectors, we are currently the largest gasket manufacturers supplying the water, waste water and gas utilities and the pipeline industry in the U.K. where we have long term supply agreements in place.

Our niche service is the supply of flange sets comprising pipeline gaskets along with the relevant fasteners in a branded set which provides considerable savings in time, cost and waste for the end user. In addition, bespoke and standard gaskets are manufactured for the pump, valve, engineering, automotive and many other industries.

Failure to select the correct materials or products can result in damage to plant and equipment and personal injury. In specific applications, particularly where critical conditions exist, we suggest you contact us and we will consider with you the most suitable material or product. However, information supplied by William Johnston & Company Limited is intended only as technical co-operation and as a guide to the various uses of different products. No warranty is given in respect of information or recommendations by William Johnston & Company Limited which are only given for guidance and without any guarantee. The customer must satisfy themselves on the suitability of the material or product for the intended purpose. The correct fitting of products is the responsibility of the customer.

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We welcome enquiries world-wide. If you are interested in any of our products or gasket manufacturing service please contact us on +44 (0)141 620 1666, Email us at sales@williamjohnston.co.uk or fill out our online Enquiry Form.

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