William Johnston and Company Limited join forces with The Academy of Joint Integrity™.


William Johnston & Company Limited has been supplying gasket based sealing solutions for pipeline applications throughout the UK and on projects across the world for nearly 70 years. The combination of this experience and the global expertise of the Flexitallic group, leader in the manufacture and supply of static sealing solutions, combined with the technical excellence of The Academy of Joint Integrity provides  owners, operators and contractors involved in the design, creation, installation and maintenance  of pipeline networks, whether as part of a nationwide utility or within  plants  such as refineries  or distilleries,  with  access  to  bespoke  training at the highest level recognised in industry.

Are your gaskets compliant?

Are your gaskets fire safe?

Are your maintenance team or contractors certified in Flange Assembly?

Do you have a Flange Assembly Bolting Procedure compliant with Industry Best practice?

A bolted flanged connection is a complex assembly with many variables involving:-

• Selection of a gasket material  to the correct specification;
• Suitability of the flange material and its condition;
• Correct  style of flange to suit the application and the pipeline network;
• Bolt/stud length, hardness, thread size, finish, corrosion resistance etc.;
• The knowledge and  skill of the assembly personnel;
• Diligent knowledge and understanding of the relevant HSE regulations e.g.  COMAH  ;

Failure to appreciate and apply all of these criteria may lead to:

• Safety issues and possible injury in the event of an accident;
• Spillage and loss of product;
• Expensive downtime for the entire plant due to failure of a single flange;
• Costly repair work;
• Environmental damage and conviction and fines;
• Damage to a business’s reputation;
• Fines for the business and imprisonment for  its owners and operators;

Training is not expensive – all of the above issues are very costly

Flange Integrity Training

The Academy of Joint Integrity, a Flexitallic Group company, is accredited to ECITB and the Energy Institute in providing certified training courses in Flange Assembly and Gasket Technology.

Our Allied Distributor, William Johnston and Company Limited will be pleased to make a site visit and discuss your requirements more fully.

The Academy has training solutions for, and can provide various testimonials from key clients within, many Industrial sectors including Pharmaceutical, Distillery, Chemicals, Refining and Utilities, Oil and Gas and others which utilise gaskets within their process.

Investigations and enquiries by HSE inspectors have established through the courts that a full audit trail from gasket installation to the cause of the accident or incident is essential and that the personnel assembling bolted flange connections are accountable and should be certified to a recognised standard.
William Johnston & Company Limited and The Academy of Joint Integrity offer the following:-

  1. Accredited training and assessment of personnel and contractors working in maintenance or new build;
  2. Training courses designed to suit client’s site;
  3. Mobile training rigs , with delivery from industry professionals;
  4. Accreditation and Certification – compliant with HSE  regulations;
  5. Loss of Containment strategies – reviewing and developing  procedures and practices specific to Flange Assembly;
  6. Gasket rationalisation - reducing the impact of human  error while ensuring  the latest, safest Fire-Safe gasket specification  are being used;
  7. Leak investigations, and  RCA studies;

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Utilities, Pipeline, Flange and Gasket Assembly Training Competence and Awareness

Water training

Control of the Training and Competence Assurance of all personnel working on Bolted Flanged Connections is a critical factor in achieving and maintaining Leak Free Performance.

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Failure to select the correct materials or products can result in damage to plant and equipment and personal injury. In specific applications, particularly where critical conditions exist, we suggest you contact us and we will consider with you the most suitable material or product. However, information supplied by William Johnston & Company Limited is intended only as technical co-operation and as a guide to the various uses of different products. No warranty is given in respect of information or recommendations by William Johnston & Company Limited which are only given for guidance and without any guarantee. The customer must satisfy themselves on the suitability of the material or product for the intended purpose. The correct fitting of products is the responsibility of the customer.

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