Wolseley Infrastructure Conference 2021

The 1st of July 2021 saw William Johnston and Company Limited’s Commercial Director (Robert Dawson) and Business Development Director (Craig Edwards) supporting the Wolseley Infrastructure Conference 2021 as a key supplier.

Accelerating  growth within Wolseley was the overall message given forth. Strong  communication with key suppliers was seen as one of the corner stones to this. William Johnston and Company Limited embrace this interaction as we do with all customers.

Good planning and observation of Covid 19 regulations at every stage of the event allowed appropriate social distancing and sanitisation with all being tested as Covid negative prior to entry.

There was keen interest in the products that we offer and for many the chance to ask more technical questions allowing the branch managers to then speak to their customers with confidence.

Products on display are detailed below.

WRAS approved EPDM and Steel Reinforced Gaskets complimented with the correct grade, number, diameter, length and finish of bolt;

GISF7 compliant gasket and bolt kits;

A range of WRAS approved valve cones;

Samples of Link-Seals and Compakt Seals;

Leaflets for gasket and bolt sets, Valve cones, and Flange Integrity Training.

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