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Aramid Fibre Gaskets & Sheet

Compressed Fibre Sheet Jointing/Gasket Material (also know as Non-Asbestos Fibre Sheeting, CNAF etc.)

William Johnston & Company Limited have manufactured aramid fibre joints, seals and gaskets for over 25 years. One of the first manufactures in the UK to move away from asbestos as a core material, William Johnston & Company Limited continue to lead the way in innovation with aramid fibre sheet sealing technology.

What are aramid fibres?
Aramid fibres are man-made high-performance fibres, with molecules that are characterised by relatively rigid polymer chains. These molecules are linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress very efficiently, making it possible to use chains of relatively low molecular weight. The term “aramid” is short for “aromatic polyamide”. Aromatic polyamides were first applied commercially as meta-aramid fibres in the early 1960s, with para-aramid fibres being developed in the 1960s and 1970s.Aramid fibres share some general characteristics that distinguish them from other synthetic fibres:

• High strength
• Good resistance to abrasion
• Good resistance to organic solvents
• Non-conductive
• Low melting point
• Low flammability
• Good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures

When combined with an elastomeric binder they provide the basis of aramid fibre sheet jointing. William Johnston & Company Limited stock, convert and support aramid materials from:-

Novus Flexitallic Klinger Donit
Novus 10 SF5000 KLINGERsil C-4500 BA-CF
Novus 30 SF2800   BA-GL 3000
Novus 34 SF3300 KLINGERsil C-4324 BA-U
Novus 45 SF2600 KLINGERsil C-4430  
Novus 49 SF5001 KLINGERsil C-4430PLUS  
Novus 20 SF2800 KLINGERsil C-4509  
Novus 21 SF2440 KLINGERsil C-8200  
Novus 28 SF2401 KLINGERsil C-6307  
Novus 29 SF2420 KLINGERsil C-4106  
Novus 31 SF2500 KLINGERsil C-4265  
Novus 40      
Novus 46      
Novus 48      

Each manufacturer has many different materials and not all are listed in this section. The materials also come in a range of thickness from 0.25mm -3.00mm – please contact us for further information.

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