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Braided Packings

William Johnston & Company Limited have been stocking, distributing and supporting braided packings for valve and pump applications for over 27 years.

One of the first in the UK to move away from asbestos William Johnston & Company Ltd continue to lead the way in braided packing sealing technology. The company is ISO approved for quality within manufacture and maintains ongoing quality checks to maintain its reputation as one of the leaders in the gasket and sealing industry.

Packings made from 100% pure PTFE-multifilament-yarn, from expanded PTFE, filled Eptfe, and from graphite incorporated PTFE-yarn. Excellent thermal and chemical resistance
Carbon and Graphite
Top of the range packings made from high-purity carbon or graphite yarns and/or expanded mineral graphite yarns
Packings made from either endless Aramid fibers or staple fibers, for demanding applications involving high pressure, abrasive media, etc.
PTFE/Aramid hybrids
These packings combine the unsurpassed chemical and thermal resistance of PTFE and gPTFE with the extremely high mechanical strength of Aramid
Packings made from textured glass-fiber-yarn, either with PTFE or graphite impregnation
Various other packings
Braided packings made from natural fibers like Ramie, cotton, hemp & synthetic fibers like Acryl, Novoloid and Polyimid, available with PTFE impregnation, lubricated with grease, silicone, mineral oil, jelly.
Packing ring set
Packing ring set is made up from different styles of packings

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For more information about our Braided Packings that are available world wide, contact us on +44 (0)141 620 1666, Email us or simply complete our online Enquiry Form.

Failure to select the correct materials or products can result in damage to plant and equipment and personal injury. In specific applications, particularly where critical conditions exist, we suggest you contact us and we will consider with you the most suitable material or product. However, information supplied by William Johnston & Company Limited is intended only as technical co-operation and as a guide to the various uses of different products. No warranty is given in respect of information or recommendations by William Johnston & Company Limited which are only given for guidance and without any guarantee. The customer must satisfy themselves on the suitability of the material or product for the intended purpose. The correct fitting of products is the responsibility of the customer.

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