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Expanded PTFE FDA Gaskets and Sheet

William Johnston & Company Limited is proud to be UK distributor for the TEADIT® range of Expanded PTFE Products.

At TEADIT® numerous manufacturing plants and sales agencies guarantee availability of the complete product range as well as competent service in every area of sealing technology. With more than 50 years of experience in the sealing industry, backed by sophisticated technology and constantly growing know-how, TEADIT® counts as one of the market leaders in the sealing industry.

TEADIT® place high demands on the quality of their products, cost effective manufacturing procedures, innovative product developments and efficient and competent customer service. These are guaranteed by our strict quality management and continuous improvements.

Expanded PTFE Products
Teadit 24SH is a universally employable gasket sheet for all applications. It is suitable for all types of flanges, nearly all media, a wide temperature range and even for applications with the toughest demands on purity. It is inherently clean and non-toxic.

Exceptional mechanical strength which enables operation with less creep at higher temperatures than other types of PTFE sheets. The excellent malleability of TEADIT 24SH makes repairing of small damages and/or irregularities of the Sealing area (flange surface) unnecessary.

Gaskets cut from TEADIT 24SH are dimensionally stable, I.e. they do not get wider when compressed. This allows narrow flange faces to be sealed safely, i.e. without causing turbulences in the flow of the media. TEADIT 24SH is quick and simple to install. The used gasket can be removed quickly, easily and without residue.

• TA-Luft
• Blow-Out-Test VDI 2200
• USP Plastic Class
• Germanischer Lloyd Approval

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