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A proactive and reactive sealing solution that saves you time and money - winner of the NACE Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award.

The FRG range of high performance sealing solutions is the latest innovation for challenging, corrosive environments. Developed in direct response to the oil and gas industry's requirement for effective closure on damaged flange faces, with additional corrosion inhibiting properties, it is now helping to mitigate corrosion problems throughout industry.

The fight against corrosion is a constant battle. Internal corrosion and damaged flange faces are responsible for a significant proportion of hydrocarbon releases and can have a major impact on operating costs, particularly on ageing assets.

The FRG can be used to seal on damaged flange faces where previously only very costly or time consuming options existed. By using the FRG range it helps you to fight the corrosion battle head on.

Engineered and Manufactured in the UK
Significant cost savings
Speeds up maintenance downtime
Fire-safe to API 6FB
Topside/subsea variants
Bespoke designs available

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