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Engineered like nothing else.

When Flexitallic invented the spiral wound gasket in 1912 there was nothing like it. 100 years of innovation later, they introduced the Change™ gasket. Again, there’s nothing like it.

Incredibly robust and resilient, the metal-wound Change™ heat exchanger gasket is designed to deliver the most dynamic seal ever.

The Change gasket is manufactured with proprietary equipment, using a 5-times thicker metal spiral and a unique laser welding process that penetrates completely through the winding, so it requires no inner or outer ring and is easy to handle and install as a double-jacketed gasket. Best of all, it’s proven to perform without fail at least 60% longer than any other heat exchanger gasket – spiral wound, double jacketed, corrugated or kammprofile.

Performs 60% longer than any other gasket
Very high recovery
Compression is more consistent than a spiral or kammprofile gasket
Very low creep
Seals with exceptional tightness, especially thermal cycles
Fits wide range of flanges

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