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The Flexitallic range of Compressed Fibre Jointing is designed for a wide range of industrial and original equipment applications, where sealing performance and specification is essential.

A comprehensive range of grades are available covering a wide spectrum of applications. In addition, the materials can be supplied in private brand and colour formats to ensure your company or customer is accorded recognition.

The jointing can be supplied as sheet or as cut gaskets, either to standard or non-standard dimensions.

Flexitallic SF1630, SF24/2800, SF3300, SF5001, AF2100
Novus 10, 26, 28, 29 30, 34, 40, 45, 48 (Acid), 49 (Graftec)

Engineered and Manufactured in the UK
Wide range of service applications
Easy to handle and cut
Good bolt torque retention
Reliable for general service chemicals

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Failure to select the correct materials or products can result in damage to plant and equipment and personal injury. In specific applications, particularly where critical conditions exist, we suggest you contact us and we will consider with you the most suitable material or product. However, information supplied by William Johnston & Company Limited is intended only as technical co-operation and as a guide to the various uses of different products. No warranty is given in respect of information or recommendations by William Johnston & Company Limited which are only given for guidance and without any guarantee. The customer must satisfy themselves on the suitability of the material or product for the intended purpose. The correct fitting of products is the responsibility of the customer.

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